CARE+ Extruded Dverg Hamster 700gram

Fullfòr til de små søte.


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Fullfòr for dverg hamster. Smakfull sammensetning balansert med vitaminer, mineraler Dverg Hamstere trenger

Care+ Dwarf Hamster is a very tasty, super-premium complete feed, which has been developed in collaboration with Veterinary Surgeons and nutritionists. Care+ is extruded, so every pellet has the same composition(All-in-One). The result is no more left-overs and the assurance that a complete diet has been consumed, because selective feeding will be prevented. The hardened pellets support the natural wearing of the teeth (Dental Function). High temperature treatment improves protein digestibility. Care+ Dwarf Hamster has a balanced ratio of the important polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-6 & Omega-3 (from corn, wheat, soy, flax seed), together with Vitamin E for the body cells, essential animal proteins and aromatic herbs. Care+ Dwarf Hamster is a perfectly balanced feed for dwarf hamsters, which considers all their natural nutritional needs.